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‘Take care of your body, because that’s the only place you have to live in.’

And that’s what we help you with, taking good care of your body. How? By selling the best quality generic and brand medicines at most affordable prices. Drugs99 is a highly trusted name in the world of online pharmacies.

Widely recognized as one of the world’s online pharmacies, drugs99.com is a reliable source of authentic medicines. All our medicines are sourced from trusted, licensed manufacturers and wholesalers allowing us to inexpensively provide you with authentic brand name and generic non-restricted medications. The mission of our drugs99.com is to be your source of quality medication at affordable prices.
Our aim is to offer you the same top quality product that you might purchase locally, but at a more affordable price.

Our Quality Assurance

We purchase either directly from the manufacturer or from reputable pharmaceutical wholesalers. All medications listed are the authentic brand names unless otherwise stated e.g. generics. Drugs are shipped using their original packaging with safety seals and registered trademarks. We do not ever repackage the products unless the product is sold in blister strips (but we list this clearly).

In some cases you may perceive that the packaging is different compared to what you are used to. This is due to where in the world the medication is manufactured; US manufactured products may be packaged in bottles compared to UK packaged product in blister strips and a box. Every product on our website has a product image which can be enlarged so you will know what to expect on delivery.

Generic alternatives are clearly stated and only sourced from FDA approved manufacturing facilities. We offer these in addition to the branded products as a more affordable alternative if this is important to you.

Please be assured that the products are of the highest quality purchased from reputable sources.Drugs

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