Caring For Yourself After An Abortion

Caring For Yourself After An Abortion

When you undergo an abortion either it is medical or surgical, it always carries some sort of risks. However, the woman should be aware of the consequences and the right way to handle it. In this article, we will tell you how to take care of yourself after an abortion and how to avoid any kind of infection.

First, you must know, the after-effects of an abortion. The level of risks is based on the abortion method you have chosen. If you are less than 10 weeks pregnant, the doctor will advise you to have a medical abortion. But if your pregnancy is older than 10 weeks you have to opt for surgical means like vacuum aspiration and dilation and evacuation.

According to various gynecologists, medical abortion comes with a minimum risk factor. This is why; doctors always suggest having an abortion in the early stages of the pregnancy.

Following Symptoms Are Common To Experience By A Woman After An Abortion.

1. Heavy bleeding and spotting for several weeks (around 4 to 6 weeks).
2. Passing lemon sized blood clots.
3. Stomach cramping slightly heavier than normal periods.
4. Swollen breasts.
5. Nausea
6. A headache
7. Dizziness

It is not compulsory for every woman to suffer any of the aforementioned side effects. Some women have also reported not having any side effects after a medical abortion.

Mood swings and becoming emotional are also very common among women. This happens because of the hormonal changes.

Abortion after- Care

After the abortion, the next few days, the woman feels very tired and exhausted. In these times, the woman needs to have a companion with her to help. For instance, for taking you to the hospital, you need someone to drive for you as you will not be able to drive yourself.

After an abortion, the body is more prone to infections. To reduce the risk of infections, the women must avoid:
  • Using tampons and menstrual cups during abortion bleeding. These are restricted because using them can lead to the uterus or vaginal infection.
  • For a couple of weeks (2 to 4), do not insert anything in your vagina. For instance, fingers, toys, tampons, penis or douches.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes for a couple of weeks. It will be much beneficial if you stop consuming them for always.
  • Avoid swimming or sitting in water (not using hot tubs or Jacuzzis).
  • If you are suffering from fever higher than 101°F for more than 12 hours, then you should immediately visit a doctor.
  • Take the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor regularly for some weeks.
  • Not to forget using birth control measures, at the time of resuming physical intimacy after an abortion.

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