Cease Your Unwanted Pregnancy With RU486

Cease Your Unwanted Pregnancy With RU486

Medical Abortion is still considered a taboo in our society and a lot of women resort to it when they wish to hide the fact that they don’t plan to raise a baby so soon. Women who wish to solve the matter without getting operated can go for pills like Unwanted Pregnancy With RU486

Fun fact here is that 486 was originally a film based a teenage that got her aborted in a country where abortion was considered illegal.

However, let’s get to know more about the pill RU-486 which is used by a lot of females’ worldwide. It has been used in France for almost twenty years now and was approved for use in the United States in 2000.

RU486 is an excellent non-surgical abortion method and requires visiting a clinic or doctoring consultation first before consuming the pill. The main process happens at home and after you take the pill, you will face continuous bleeding for almost 30 days. The pill is available online or at the local druggist. One can only get or take the medicine if prescribed by the doctor and available with only authorized dealers.

The Three Easy Steps To Take RU486 Are:

1) You have to take the first medication (Mifepristone) in the hospital, clinic or home. This pill blocks the hormones of pregnancy from working, and the pregnancy tissue detaches from the uterus.

2) You take the secondary medications (4 tablets of Misoprostol) at home which causes the miscarriage.

3) At last, you have to go to a hospital or a clinic after a week or two to confirm that the pregnancy has ended. Once the bleeding starts it means the pregnancy has ended.

Post the medication period is extremely painful and causes a lot of weakness in the body. Before you opt for this method make sure you are in an absolute healthy state and high on immunity. Make sure to read the composition of the pill carefully as some ingredients might have some allergy or side effect to your body. The posting period where the bleeding takes place will result in cramps, mood swings, irritation and other physical and

psychological problems for the time being. If the body is not able to take the pain then it may result in fever too and at times so extreme that the patient needs to be hospitalized. There are no serious side effects of the RU-486 pill but the only way to stay strong is to continue to eat healthily.

RU-486 doesn’t have an immediate impact and usually starts working after 24-48 hours; this should not scare you as that’s the process. It is safe to take the pill between 5-9 weeks of your pregnancy because of the post that it will get difficult and may result in pregnancy causing a lot of complications for the future.

If the pill is being sold online do not trust that as the practice is illegal and most probably a con, if you fall for it you might face legal charges in the future. The pill is extremely safe to take thus has been recommended by doctors and millions of women all over the world use it. The best method is to stay calm and visit a doctor first because he or she understands your body the best and would recommend the best possible option for you.

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