Do’s and Don’ts of Medical Abortion

Do’s and Don’ts of Medical Abortion If you have decided not to have a baby right now and considering terminating your pregnancy, then why not do it in the early stages of your pregnancy through Medical Abortion (Abortion Pills). The Medical procedure of pregnancy terminate is considered as the easiest method of abortion in the first trimester. However, this procedure has its own rules and regulation, in simple words, its own do’s and don’ts. These do’s and don’ts are only made for user’s well-being and for having a complication-less abortion.

The Do’s of Medical Abortion

  1. Consult your doctor or gynecologist to understand the process of early pregnancy termination. Perform the required blood or/and urine tests to confirm your gestation period.
  2. If you are suffering from cardiovascular, respiratory disorder, kidney/liver malfunction, uterine diseases, blood infection, adrenal gland failure, diabetes, anemia, a chain smoker or drunker, then do tell about this to your doctor. In these conditions, the doctor may advise you to stay away from abortion pills and opt for any other abortion method.
  3. Once the doctor gives you a positive sign for using abortion pills, look for a trustworthy and FDA approved drug website. You can also buy it from local drugstores but on online websites, you will get so much information about the medicine and also the doorstep delivery too.
  4. The first medicine, Mifepristone should be taken at home or clinic but don’t forget to accompany yourself with someone to help you during cramps and pain.
  5. Be prepared with a stock of maxi pads before utilizing Misoprostol as you will need them to soak vaginal discharge. The blood flow is more than a regular menstrual period as it contains fetus tissues and blood clots.
  6. Once the procedure is completed, after 14 days visit your gynecologist for uterus ultrasound. Do perform this medical test to confirm your medical abortion. If few parts of the fetus are still in the womb, a surgery becomes mandatory to expel those parts out.

The Don’ts of Medical Abortion

  1. The first and most important thing to avoid during a medical abortion is alcohol and smoke. Smoking, drinking, and consumption of illegal drugs make you ineligible for using abortion pills. It also interferes with the body hormones which can be a drawback during an abortion.
  2. The medicine is not meant for you if you are more than 10 weeks of pregnant.
  3. Abhor the medicine usage if you are breastfeeding or allergic to any of the medicine. You first have to take off the IUD (if you are using any) before taking abortion pills.
  4. During and after the medical abortion, you should not indulge in any kind of physical activity like running, exercising, swimming etc.
  5. Avoid physical intimacy especially vaginal intercourse for at least 6 weeks or until you recover completely.
  6. Do not use tampons and menstrual cups for vaginal bleeding after medicine intake.
  7. Do not stop the procedure in the midway. It can be harmful to the mother and fetus both as medical abortion is irreversible and can cause stillbirth.

Do not buy those pills which are not FDA approved, search for trustworthy and reliable online pharmacy and then place your order.

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