Exercising After a Medical Abortion

There is a plenty of research on Exercising After a Medical Abortion but what about exercising after having a medical abortion? How long should you wait after getting a medical abortion before getting back into an exercise routine?

It is as safe to exercise following a medical abortion as during exercising during pregnancy. Your doctor’s recommendation after considering your condition will help you to know how to resume your workout regime. The doctor may advise you waiting for a few weeks.

After a first trimester abortion, your body will return to the normal routine very quickly. So, you can return to the gym or to your normal exercise routine within a few days. But, if the doctor advises you to wait for some weeks, you can do mindfulness and breathing exercise to relieve any anxiety you may feel.

Your Physical State After an Abortion

In the medical abortion, the body suffers less than the surgical abortion. As the procedure do not include any kind of surgery so there are zero chances of having a physical wound. Therefore, the body needs comparatively less time to recover in a medical abortion than surgical abortion.

Your doctor’s recommended prescription will play a major role in healing your internal wounds as soon as possible.

Consider Resuming with Low Pace Exercises Like-


– A short or long stroll can help you get moving. Choose somewhere scenic for an extra calming effect. You can accompany a friend or a family for support.


– Yoga and other stretching exercises can help tone your body and improve flexibility. Dim the light and play some relaxing music to help you feel more at ease.

Water Aerobics

– You don’t have to do anything too strenuous, but being afloat rather than on land can help take pressure off your body and your joints. If you don’t feel like moving, start your floating and work your way up instead.


Just listen to your body when getting back to your daily exercise routine. If your body doesn’t support you, leave that activity. Let your body do what comes naturally. Listen to your doctor, if he/she has advised you to take some rest, avoid indulging in physical activities for a few days or weeks. If you are feeling well then, it is normal to resume your daily activities and exercise routine after a medical abortion. It will help you in improving your energy level and for better sleep.

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