Myths About Abortion Pills

Myths About Abortion Pills

Abortion is itself a complicated word and when we discuss abortion pills, we see every person has different opinions about it. Some are in favor of the drug and some just deny the fact that is worthy. The people who are against the medicine have numerous allegations that are not so true. The reason behind all these accusations is various informative websites. There are many websites which are serving people with either false information or half information. They serve the details without knowing much about it.Myths About Abortion Pills

Let’s just recall all the myths and break down all of them forever-

Abortion Pills are Dangerous

There are many people who think that abortion pills are dangerous. But people have to understand that every medical or surgical intervention have benefits and some sort of risks too. The complication rate in a medical abortion is less than 1 percent.

You might feel some pain and cramping during the process but this does not mean that it is dangerous. Many women have reported that they had experienced pain for several days but that was bearable.

After a Medical Abortion, One Can Not Conceive Again

Having a medical abortion does not lead to infertility. This is a totally wrong allegation. Abortion procedure does not affect your conceiving tissues during an abortion; it just deals with the developing fetus.

It neither interferes in the fertility process of a woman nor harms any of the reproductive organs.

Medical Abortion Can Be Reversed

The myth of “abortion reversal” is an imaginary tale. The people and organization that have been pursuing the unproven claims that medical abortion can be reversed by consuming large doses are totally untrue. Some states have also made a law against it.

These statements are proved to be false and not even a case is registered when a woman encountered reverse abortion after having abortion pills.

Medical Abortion is Not Safe For Teenagers

There are very few points that make a woman ineligible for a medical abortion, being not an adult is not one of them. Medical abortion can be conducted by teenagers. But there are few provisions that state parental guidance is necessary for this criterion.

Some states have laws that require some kind of Parental involvement in a minor’s abortion.

Abortion pills Can Be Used As Birth Control Contraceptive

There is a lot of buzz that abortion pills can be an alternative to birth control contraceptive among women all around the world. Whereas the rumor is totally incorrect, both of the pills have different work areas, abortion pills are used to abort pregnancy and birth control pills are used to prevent gestation. Both the medicines have different medicine compositions too; it means they can’t be used alternatively.

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