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Adapelene Gel Adaferine is manufactured by Galderma. Adaferin gel 0.1% is used to treat acne and pimples faster along with reducing the acne spots. Belonging to the class of drugs called retinoid, it reduces blackhead and reproduces the skin faster.


Adaferin Gel 0.1% is used in the treatment of acne. It is manufactured by Galderma. Adapalene gel helps to heal the pimples faster and decreases the number of acne spots. It belongs to the class of drugs called retinoid. It reduces the formation of blackheads and helps to renew the skin faster. Adapalene Gel Adaferin

The medicine is usually found in a cream form, and must not be applied to abrasions, cuts, or sunburned skin. Avoid contact with eyes as it may cause redness and irritation. Adapalene gel may cause your skin to become easily sunburned, thus it is advisable to limit your time in the sun.

How to Use Adaferin Gel?

  1. If you are using an over-the-counter product for self-treatment, do strictly follow the instructions on the label. If you have any doubts, consult your pharmacist. If your doctor prescribed this medicine, then use adapalene gel as instructed by him.
  2. Wash your hands before applying this gel. Gently clean the affected skin and pat dry. With your fingers, apply a small amount of gel in a thin layer, usually once before bedtime, or as instructed by your doctor.
  3. Useadapalene gel only on the skin. Don’t apply to the inner lip area or inside nose or mouth. Don’t apply to a cut, scrapped, or sunburned skin or the skin affected by eczema.
  4. Avoid contact with eyes. If it gets into your eyes, wash with a large amount of water. Call a doctor immediately if eye irritation develops
  5. Wash your hands after using this gel to avoid getting it into your eyes.

General Instructions for Using Adaferin Gel

  1. Acne might appear worse during the first few weeks of using adapalene gel because this medicine works on pimples from inside the skin. It may take up to 8-12 weeks to get noticeable results from this medication.
  2. Use it regularly to get the most benefit out of it. Use it at the same time each day to help you remember to regularly apply.
  3. Don’t apply extra adapalene gel to get better results. It will not improve your skin faster, but in turn, increase the risk of developing redness, peeling and pain.
  4. This medicine is available in different forms such as gel, cream, and lotion. The best form of medication for you depends upon the condition of your skin. Consult your doctor if your condition after use lasts or gets worse.


If a dose of Adaferin gel is missed, then apply the missed dose as soon as you remember. If it is almost the time for the next dose, then continue with the normal schedule. Don’t apply extra adalpene to make up for the missed one.

Seek emergency medical help consult doctor immediately in the case of an overdose of this medicine.

Disease Interactions


Patients with eczema are not at all recommended to use this medicine due to severe irritation caused. Discuss with your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications you are already taking. Use this medicine only as per advised by the doctor


Take precautions while using Adaferin 0.1% gel in the patients with sunburnt skin due to increased risk of irritation on the skin. It is advised to avoid long exposure to sunlight and uses sunscreen or protective clothing during the treatment of this medicine.

General Warnings for Special People

Adapalene gel is not at all recommended to be used by pregnant women unless absolutely necessary. If so, consult your doctor about the potential risks and benefits before using this medicine.

Breast-Feeding women should not use adaferin gel unless extremely necessary. Then too, this medicine should be used only after consulting the doctor about the risks and benefits of using it.

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Adapalene Gel Adaferin 0.1%

Adapalene Gel Adaferin 0.1%