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Kozimax cream is manufactured by Ethicare Remedies. With 5% of Kojic acid and 10% of vitamin C in stable forms, the cream has brought a revolution in skin lightening treatments. The constituents act together to block melanin production and help with skin lightening.


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Manufactured by Ethicare Remedies Pvt. Ltd., Kozimax cream is a revolution in the skin lightening industry. With 5% of Kojic acid and 10% of vitamin C, Kozimax works wonder on your skin. Arbutin and Glabridin in the cream add an extra benefit to your skin lightening regimen.Kozimax Skin Lightening Cream

Kozimax contains Kojic Acid DiPalmitate, Vitamin-C, Glabridin, Arbutin, Cyclomethicone and Omc as key ingredients. The cream is mainly used for hyperpigmentation, discolouration of the skin, age and sun spots, sun damage, acne marks, dark elbows, underarms and knees, melasma, and uneven skin tone.

The cream is formulated by medical expert manufacturers after regular market research and careful medical examination. It contains effective sunscreen filters that protect the skin against harmful sun exposure and radiations. It combines natural and extremely powerful skin lightening ingredients such as-

Key Ingredient Benefits

  1. Kojic Acid and Arbutin reduces melanin production into the deeper layers of the skin and has been proven to be the safest and most effective skin lightening agent.
  2. Vitamin C rejuvenates and protects the skin, supports growth and repair of skin tissues.
  3. Glabridin prevents the pigmentation caused by UVB rays and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. It helps lighten your dark spots and evens your skin tone.

Directions for Use

  1. Wash and dry the skin to be applied.
  2. Apply an even layer over the affected once during bedtime.
  3. Massage thoroughly until the cream is completely absorbed into the skin.

Side Effects of Kozimax Cream

There are no known side effects reported for Kozimax cream as it is made out of pure and organic skin lighteners. However, due to any allergic reactions of the ingredients, do consult your doctor immediately.

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Kozimax Skin Lightening Cream 15g

Kozimax Skin Lightening Cream 15g