Understanding Women Psychology During an Abortion

Understanding Women Psychology During an Abortion There are a lot of articles on various aspects of pregnancy and abortion. We discuss various important topics related to the physical health of the woman during pregnancy or after an abortion. But, what about the psychological health of the mother after an abortion?

The lady goes through a lot of mental struggle while deciding to have an abortion. It is considered one of the deadliest situations in a woman’s life. It doesn’t mean that she is forced to have an abortion, even if it is her own decision to abort the baby due to some reasons, this will be hard for her to digest it. It is the partner’s duty to comfort her throughout the process. The partner needs to know the whole process to understand the situation of the woman and help her during this.

Here Are the Basics You Need to Know-

What is an Abortion?

Abortion is a process of ending the pregnancy. There are several methods for inducing a gestation such as medical abortion and surgical abortion. As the names suggest, medical abortion includes consumption of some medicines to terminate the pregnancy. The method does not involve hospitalization or the need surgery; however, it is helpful for gestation up to 10 weeks only.

What Does a Woman Feel?

At the time of pregnancy termination, the lady may go through a lot of emotions. You may notice her happy at some point and sad at the very next moment. Emotional fluctuation is found in most of the ladies during an abortion. The woman is flooded with different emotions as she wants to abort the baby because she is not ready but aborting own child makes her feel guilty.

How Can You Support As a Partner?

The woman always remains confused about whether she wants to abort the child or not. You should never force her to stick to your opinion and let her decide what she wants to do. As a partner, you can advise her but cannot force her.

What to do After an Abortion?

The lady may regret her decision after the abortion and gets emotional. In many cases, the woman thinks that she had taken the wrong decision, for what she tends to feel guilty for the same. The feeling of guilt, anger, and grief can become the reason of depression. In this situation, you need to support her emotionally. Ask her what she is thinking about. Take her out for dinner and make her happy. Your efforts can help her recover from the situation easily. If nothing helps, take her to a psychologist and consult him/her regarding her situation.

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