Unwanted Pregnancies among Teenagers in Austria

Many times when love is in the air we end up doing things we should not have done at the first place and regret it, dread it and fear it. One such thing is an unwanted pregnancy, very prevalent among young girls all over the world nowadays. A lot of time they fear that they are alone in this and no one will come out for their support. Unwanted Pregnancies among Teenagers in Austria 

Well, the best idea here is to talk to your parent about it because they understand you the best and will come to a joint solution than you hiding the issue and taking actions that might have a negative impact on your health and relations. Parents can help us out the best because they are aware of all the biological changes and needs we go through from time to time.

Here are few tips for young girls who think Unwanted Pregnancy is a burden:

Well, let’s clear your myth It is not a burden just a problem at the moment which can be resolved with proper guidance and support.

Do not panic: Take one step at a time, It alright a lot of girls go through this. Being afraid won’t help you in this situation but can add depression to your health.

Talk to someone: Do not keep this to yourself and talk it out and come up with a joint solution. If you are afraid that your parents will be upset well, initially maybe but later on they will support you because they know you need them.

Visit a doctor: Do not take any action without consulting a doctor. Let him or her come up with a solution and figure out the easiest and safest way to get out of this.

Do not blame yourself: It was not your fault totally so stop cursing yourself and getting depressed on something which was not in your control.

Read: Reading about the issue is really important, the more you are aware the better you can handle the situation and maybe become examples for million other girls out there.

Abortion or taking pills: Do not go for an instant fix rather let the doctor decide what is more suitable for you and your body, usually the body of young girls cannot take the aftermath of a contraceptive pill and land up run a bigger puddle.

Take a lot of things into consideration, your future and plan it properly before taking any step in a hurry. Today’s haste should not risk your reproductive future tomorrow. Stay healthy, which is the key for anybody to handle such situations. Do not feel ashamed because it is a process. Aborting a child is not as easy as the process is always extremely expensive and without proper support and guidance, you may fall into trouble. Nearly 4.4 million girls abort each year according to a survey by the World Health Organization. In a lot of countries girls are forced to get pregnant without any consent and reproduce, you are fortunate that at least you are not forced to do this and have a choice so why not make it wisely. Stay extra aware and carefully next time and have pleasure but not at the risk of your health.

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