What are the Common Side Effects of Abortion Pills?

What are the Common Side Effects of Abortion Pills?

Common Side Effects of Abortion Pills An abortion is a process of ending a gestation. When you hurt your finger while chopping the vegetables, you feel pain then it is quite obvious to have pain and complications. It is like a part of your body is detaching from you. Medical abortion is considered as the simplest form of abortion as it has the minimum chances of having side effects than any other abortion procedure. There are some usual after effects of the medicines which are sure to happen whereas some are temporary side effects which may or may not occur.

The Necessary After Effects/ Symptoms of Medical Abortion

There are some after effects which are signs of procedure completion and also a part of the abortion. Those common after- effects of medical abortion are-

1. Stomach Cramps

The latter pill, Misoprostol detaches the fetus tissues from the cervical walls. This process results in major cramping in the stomach and pelvic region. The cramps are usually similar to normal menstrual pain and some times more painful than it. The cramps usually last up to few hours or a few days.

2. Heavy Vaginal Bleeding

After taking Misoprostol, the body expels the dead fetus tissues out of the body through vaginal bleeding. The bleeding is similar to the menstrual period and it can be heavier than that too. It is always advised by the physicians to use maxi pads and avoid tampons and menstrual cup to soak the vaginal discharge. You may soak around 4 to 5 pads in initial days. However, it some days it becomes lighter and ends within a week or two. If the bleeding lasts more than 2 weeks, consult your doctor.

The Common Side Effects of the Medicine

1. Diarrhea
2. Nausea
3. Feeling of Dizziness
4. A Headache
5. Fever
6. Smelly Vaginal Discharge
7. Weakness
8. Vomiting

How Prolong These Side Effects are and are these Dangerous for the Woman?

These aforementioned side effects are temporary in nature and do not last long. The maximum time they last are 24 hours. You even don’t need to seek medical attention for them as they are not so serious. To get recovered from these side effects you should follow healthy lifestyle routine like-

  • Drink more fluid
  • Take adequate rest.
  • Eat healthy food including fruits and vegetables in it.
  • Avoid physical activities
  • Avoid sexual intercourse for some weeks.

In case, any of the side effects last more than two days, you should consult your doctor immediately. In case of chest pain or any other serious symptom, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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