What is the Right Age for Getting Pregnant?

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Career, future planning, financial status, age, and health are the main factors involve while planning a baby. The only question that hovers around after you got married or entered in your adulthood is when you are planning to have a baby. These questions make you think are you prepared to have a baby and the most important, is your body ready to conceive a child.Right Age for Getting Pregnant

We all urge to know whether it is the right time to have a baby or not. If I will wait, do I’ll become less fertile in my late thirties? The question is common among every woman in the world who is in their mid or late twenties.

The truth is every woman is different from the other, so there is no ideal age that suits best for every woman. Women are not fertile forever. Most of the ladies lose their fertility in their late thirties or in early forties. So, understanding the fertility cycle can help you make the right choice.

The Best Age to Conceive According to Research

The woman body becomes fertile after her first menstrual cycle. Basically, a woman is more fertile in her teen ages, but her body is not prepared to conceive a baby. The perfect age to get pregnant is in her twenties as the lady is fertile and the body is also ready to conceive. The lady has a decade time to plan a baby as her body is mature enough to carry a child.

By then, the fertility level starts decreasing. After 32, the fecundity starts declining and after 37, it declines rapidly. This directly indicates to, the older you get, the more difficult it will be to get pregnant. Therefore, it is best to plan a baby in your mid or late twenties.

Why it is Recommended Not to Plan A Baby in Your Thirties?

If you conceive in your 30s, it can be risky as the chance of stillbirth or ectopic pregnancy is much higher than early pregnancies. Preterm birth, preeclampsia, and gestational diabetes are mostly found in older women. The rates of complications are high in late pregnancies.

However, with the advancement in technologies, it is possible for women to conceive in their 40s or 50s. IVF and donor eggs are the best example for this. But these technologies are not accessible to the middle class or lower middle-class people as the treatments are way too expensive to afford.

The decision of becoming a mother should be solely the woman’s decision. It is her own wish, at what stage of life she is ready to be a parent. If you are not ready to become a parent in your early days of your life you can use Birth Control Contraceptives like Plan B, Ovral and Nuvaring to prevent pregnancy.

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