• Nuvaring


    NuvaRing is a flexible and contraceptive ring comes in a small size. It comes in a size of silver dollar. This ring is a birth control choice for females. NuvaRing prevents the unwanted pregnancy. NuvaRing is composed of combination hormones such as oestrogen (ethinyl estradiol) and Progestin (etonogestrel). During menstrual cycle this ring helps to prevent the ovulation (i.e., release of egg). NuvaRing increases the thickness of the vaginal fluid which helps to prevent the contact of sperm with an egg (fertilization), it also alters the lining of uterus to avoid the attachment of the fertilized egg. When a fertilized egg fails to get attached to the uterus then it will be passed out of the body.


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  • Ovral G

    Ovral G is a medicine acts as a birth control to prevent the unwanted pregnancy. This medication can also be utilized to treat the irregular menstrual cycle along with dysmenorrhea. This tablet composed of combination of active ingredients such as norgestimate and estradiol, hence it helps women to prevent pregnancy. This is a contraception medication meant for oral use. Ovral G Online prevents the fertilization of egg and it suppresses the ovulation process itself. Which means the fertilized egg will not be developed. Hence it avoids the development and thickening of endometrium.

    Ovral G

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  • Ovral L

    Ovral L is a pill that facilitates oral contraception. This medication is made up of 2 ingredients namely Ethinyl Estradiol and Levonorgestrel. Buy Ovral L online, each Ovral L contains 30 µg of Ethinyl Estradiol and 150 µg of Levonorgestrel. This medication is a combined oral contraceptive drug. In simple words we can say the pill is a combo of low doses of progestin and oestrogen that is sufficient to avoid the pregnancy.

    Ovral L

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  • Plan B One Step

    Plan B One-Step is a medication which prevents the unwanted pregnancy after the unprotected sex. This medication often called as morning after pill. For the consumption of this medicine you need not to wait till morning after sexual activity. Plan B One-Step is a kind of a Plan B One-Step. In fact Plan B One-Step is highly beneficial when you intake this medicine sooner. Plan B One-Step pill made of 1.5mg of levonorgestrel. Levonorgestrel is used in many birth control pills in lower doses. Single pill must be taken at a time. This medication is a one dose regimen.

    Plan B One Step

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