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Ban A Tan Cream is used for skin depigmentation, lightening, acne, soothing and other skin conditions like ageing and erythema. It is a powerful and safe skin lightening cream which doesn’t contain any steroids or hydroquinone.


Uses of Ban A Tan Cream

Ban A Tan Cream, manufactured by Curatio Pharma, is a specially formulated skin depigmenting cream. It is an all-natural skin lightening cream. Ban A Tan is indicated for removal of dark skin patches, tan and combating ageing concerns connected to sun exposure and removal of dark circles under the eyes.

It is the most effective and safe skin lightening cream as it doesn’t contain steroids or hydroquinone. It works by enhancing the skin depositions and promoting the skin pigmentation and health of the skin.

Key Ingredients of Ban A Tan

Ban A Tan contains Lumiskin, Alpha-Arbutin, Mulberry Extract, Liquorice extract and cosmoperine as active ingredients.

Key Ingredient Benefits

Lumiskin- It is an extraordinary antioxidant derived from the bark of the Chilean tree. The cosmoperine benefits by controlling melanin and blocking tyrosinase. This prevents hyperpigmentation and UV induced melanin synthesis. Lumiskin not only treats dark spots and patches but also deals with the problems related to pre-mature ageing by eliminating blemishes.

Alpha Arbutin- It ensures an even and lighter skin tone and reduces skin tanning caused by UV exposure.

Liquorice Extract- An herbal ingredient that helps to diminish the discolouration and age spots. Liquorice root contains an active compound called ‘glabridin’ that works as a gentle sunscreen.

Mulberry Extract- It is another natural inhibitor of the enzyme tyrosinase.

Cosmoperine- It acts as a penetration enhancer when added with water-soluble ingredients and works by enhancing the bioavailability of all the above herbal ingredients.

Side Effects of Ban A Tan Cream

There aren’t any serious side effects reported for this cream. However, in case of any unusual effects on the skin, stop using the cream and immediately consult your doctor.

General Instructions

  1. Before you start using Ban A Tan Cream, tell your doctor about your medical history (surgeries, injections and other skin conditions), current medications and allergies.
  2. Consult your doctor before applying the cream on open wounds, chapped, irritated or sunburned skin.
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after applying the cream. Clean and dry the area to be treated.
  4. Avoid using other products on the treated area. Also, don’t wash the treated area immediately after applying the cream.
  5. Apply a thin layer of the cream as an excessive application may lead to skin peeling.
  6. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth or nose.
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Ban A Tan Skin Lightening Cream by Curatio

Ban A Tan Skin Lightening Cream by Curatio